EDUCARE is a member of the I.P.C. (International Primary Curriculum) family.

The staff have worked very hard through the years to create a proper scheme of work for the various subjects considering the fact that we care for children 1 – 5 years old. Be reminded that before now there was no laid out scheme of work for children below three years of age.

We can proudly announce that EDUCARE is the only preschool that has developed a proper scheme of work for children below 3 years for all the subjects we offer, including French Language and Music lessons.

We are proud to say that we offer a very high standard of education for preschoolers. We are committed to achievement in all forms and in all areas of the curriculum.

We offer an exceptional combination of the best International education by using a hybrid curriculum which is a blend of the British, Nigerian and I.P.C. curricula.

Research has shown that learning starts right from the day a child is born.  We practise individualised teaching of young children. Each child’s age, needs, country of origin is considered before a learning programme is prepared for the child.

The children are taught the fundamentals of the English Language, Phonetics, Basic Mathematical Skills, I.C.T., Science, Social Science and the ability to interact, Show & Tell, History, Geography, French language, Cookery, Gardening, self expression in the Arts and Crafts, Physical Education, Music (singing of nursery rhymes, developing a listening attitude and use of percussion instruments), Outdoor games and play.