EDUCARE was established in 1987 and welcomes families of all nationalities. We aim at excellence and take into account the needs of the various nationalities. We challenge the intellect of each child, with our teaching materials.

EDUCARE has a well-planned international based curriculum / scheme of work that is loaded with intellectual and physical stimulating activities.  This offers a head start in computer science, arts and crafts, pre-maths, pre-science, pre-reading, pre-writing and basic developmental skills and extra curricula activities that make learning fun in an international environment.

EDUCARE provides a safe, caring and supportive atmosphere which allows the children to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. Our pupils are encouraged to be enquiring, creative and motivated learners which make them stand out among their peers.

All our staff members are dedicated to the promotions of high quality learning.

All our teachers are well qualified and experienced in the delivery of our hybrid curriculum. The management makes sure that there is constant staff training by organizing in-house workshops and seminars and also send teachers for overseas training annually.

Our minders are meticulous and dedicated to the welfare of the children. Management ensures that there are frequent in-house workshops for the training of our minders in several relevant areas.


Every child has the ability to learn starting from the day of birth and we believe in creating and enabling environment where each child can achieve his/her full potential.

Young children develop very quickly and the first five years see the greatest growth and learning for all children. 

We seek to provide every child with the very best start in their learning and development. Our aim is to celebrate and build upon children’s’ personalities, abilities and talents regardless of their culture, religion, language, gender or ability.  We provide a vibrant and enabling environment which fosters positive relationships and a real love of learning.  All of our Early Years practitioners work closely with children and their families to support their learning and development.

We believe that excellent caring is paramount to early childhood survival and that education includes the learning of knowledge and skills.

We embrace the child developmental ideology of Piaget’s learning through play and discoveries with Vygotsky’s guided learning to some extent.


Our children will grow to be leaders in their chosen field of human endeavour.


To remain a pacesetter in the field of early childhood development, including early acquisition of cognitive, social and affective skills.

To encourage early development of international mindedness and awareness of national cultural values, to enable the child to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.

To provide a solid foundation on which the preschooler will develop a positive attitude towards his/her future socio-educational life.

To develop the individual ability of each child in breadth and depth, thus enabling each child achieves his / her full potential.


Learning can be very exciting when delivered through challenging, explorative activities. The children have great fun through this interactive teaching and also acquire skills.

Some of the activities that children enjoy through our school year are:

  • I.E.Y.C. Entry Points for each of the units we handle.
  • Mentoring week – once a term
  • Fire Drill – once a term
  • Spring Carnival in Spring
  • Open Day – once a year
  • School Excursion  – once a term
  • Christmas Party – in December
  • Sports Day – once a year
  • Fancy Dress Party & treasure hunt – before Easter
  • Art & Craft Exhibition – once a year
  • Teacher’s appreciation in June
  • Graduation ceremony of our Transition classes in June


We offer the following extracurricular activities for children of the Upper Kindergarten (age 3+) and Transition classes:

– Etiquette Class

– Ballet

– Golf

– Coding

– Taekwondo


We dedicate a week in each term for our “Mentoring Week”.  It is targeted to career development and it is done with the assistance of  the parents.


Besides being a member of the I.P.C. (International Primary Curriculum) family, we are also a member of AISEN (Association of International Schools in Nigeria),  A.P.E.N. (Association of Private Educators in Nigeria), N.A.P.P.S (National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools)  as well as C.O.B.I.S. (Council of British International Schools) under the umbrella of G.I.S.


1.     Our classrooms are child friendly, well furnished, air-conditioned and equipped with all necessary teaching resources i.e. books, puzzles, educational toys, building blocks, art & craft materials etc suitable for the different age groups.

2.     Our mini farm is used by our pupils to plant, weed and harvest their crops!

3.     Our sandpit gives them an insight into sand construction and designing!

4.     Our standby Generator that provides us with steady
power supply.

5.     A fully equipped and functional Computer and video room.

6.     A well planned and equipped play ground suitable for play and recreational activities.

7.     The Library and activity room is where we read stories, borrow  books,  have our “Show and Tell” and also  have great fun during our “Circle Time Activities”.

8.     Our small zoo and fish pond create animal friendly children.

9.     In our Discovery Room our pupils have the opportunity to carry out science experiments and also develop their culinary skills.

10.  In the music room, we make music  and develop our singing  skills.


                       Visits to Educare are always welcomed


                     Please contact our school office to arrange a visit